What’s up for 5.10?

Last month we had our annual Plasma sprint and as it’s been a while since I last blogged, let me show you some of the work we did and what’s coming up next.

Media Controls on the Lock Screen

A feature I teasered in my last blog post is media controls on the lock screen. The patch has now landed and will be part of the next Plasma release, 5.10, to be released end of May.

Media Controls on the lock screen

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Global Menu’s Returning!

Application Menu Plasmoid
Application Menu Plasmoid

With Plasma 5.8 LTS out the door it’s time to look ahead at future Plasma releases. In our first long term support release we introduced “modifier only shortcuts” that allow you to open the application launcher with just the Meta key. Judging from feedback on the Internet this is one of the best features introduced in all of KDE’s history ;) I was quite surprised to find that the global menu is a close second.

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KDE 20th Birthday Party in Karlsruhe

KDE is turning 20, let’s celebrate!

Date: Friday, 14 October 2016 (the actual birthday!)
Time: 19:00
Place: Der Vogelbräu, Kapellenstraße 50, 76131 Karlsruhe
Who: You! And fellow KDE developers and users
What we’re going to do: Have a few delicious unfiltered beers, a delicious dinner, talk, have fun, …

Please ping me and/or add yourself to the Wiki page, if you’re around and planning to come (contact info can be found in the Impressum, or tell kbroulik in #plasma on Freenode), so I can extend the reservation, if needed.

Getting Ready for LTS

Plasma 5.8 will be our first long term support release of Plasma 5 and together with Qt 5.6 also being an LTS release this makes for a rock-solid combo. Let’s have a look at some of the tweaks I did on the occasion.

Task manager drag and drop

I recently stumbled upon a feature request about the ability to drop files onto a task manager entry to have the associated application open them. You can pin applications to the task manager after all, so why would those launchers behave differently from other application icons?


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Randa 2016 Coming to an End

When I arrived in beautiful Randa on Sunday, the week seemed like it would never end but it’s Saturday already and tomorrow I’ll be leaving again.

It’s been an extremely productive week – in the few days since my last blog post I managed to fix a tremendous amount of bugs and added lots of new features and improvements throughout the workspace.

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