Virtual Plasma Sprint 2020

This weekend the Plasma team’s annual sprint took place. Due to the Corona pandemic we had to cancel our original week-long in-person meet up end of April in Augsburg, Germany hosted by our friends at TUXEDO and settled for an online sprint instead. In anticipation of more virtual sprints KDE has set up its own BigBlueButton instance – an open source web conferencing system for online learning.

Plasma logo, at sign, house icon, in front of the colorful Plasma 5.19 wallpaper (hexagonal patterns with green, orange, black)
Plasma @ Home

While a four day online event can’t fully replace an entire week in a room with one of the most talented and dedicated people I know hacking and discussing from 9 till midnight, I was pleasantly surprised how productive it was. Huge thanks to BigBlueButton for creating a great tool to work with and to KDE Sysadmin, and Bhushan Shah in particular, for making this happen! Also check out this lovely unprepared group photo he took.

The meeting notes are being refined a little right now and should arrive on the plasma-devel mailing list in the coming days. This week’s experience made me confident that Akademy 2020 – also happening online – will work out great! Nevertheless I hope that eventually we’ll be able to catch up on our original sprint plans and meet in Augsburg again, physically.

2 thoughts on “Virtual Plasma Sprint 2020”

  1. Too bad, I completely missed that. I had a look on the Wiki page for events, but that was probably just before the virtual sprint was created.

    I guess it has been announced on mailing lists? Unfortunately I am not subscribed to any.

    This lead me thinking, it might be useful to have such kind of event announcements tied to the KDE identity profile. That way one could even reach a broader audience.

    1. Yeah, I also was only aware of the sprint a day before or so… It was our first virtual sprint, so it’s a learning process :)

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