Plasma 5: The Early Years

With KDE’s 6th Mega Release finally out the door, let’s reflect on the outgoing Plasma 5 that has served us well over the years. Can you believe it has been almost ten years since Plasma 5.0 was released? Join me on a trip down memory lane and let me tell you how it all began. This coincidentally continues pretty much where my previous retrospective blog post concluded.

Plasma 5.1 desktop with pastel colored diamond pattern as wallpaper, white panel at the top, kickoff menu open with various apps in it, and fuzzy lcock widget “quarter past twelve” visible in the background
The earliest clean full-desktop Plasma 5 screenshot I could find in my archives, dated December 2014
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KDE Release Party in Nürnberg

Last night SUSE invited to their new Nürnberg offices at the Franken Campus in the city’s south for a KDE MegaRelease 6 release party. There were around 25 people from KDE, SUSE, and owncloud, with a good portion of non-contributors meeting some of the people behind their favorite desktop environment and suite of applications in-person for the first time.

ThinkPad 600E with a Pentium 2 processor running an old version of SUSE Linux with KDE 1.1
Live demo of the latest and greatest KDE 1.1 on a ThinkPad 600E
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