Randa 2016 Coming to an End

When I arrived in beautiful Randa on Sunday, the week seemed like it would never end but it’s Saturday already and tomorrow I’ll be leaving again.

It’s been an extremely productive week – in the few days since my last blog post I managed to fix a tremendous amount of bugs and added lots of new features and improvements throughout the workspace.

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Taming the Beast

One of the lesser-known features in KDE Applications and Plasma is the Kiosk Framework, a means of restricting the customizability of the workspace in order to keep users in an enterprise or public environment from performing unwanted actions or modifications.

Unfortunately, it hasn’t seen much love lately. However, a couple of weeks ago, we received some feedback about the state of Kiosk in “40 classroom installations” of Plasma on our Enterprise mailing list which David Edmundson and I tackled immediately. Within a couple of days we could already remedy the majority of shortcomings revealed.

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