On the Road to Plasma 6, Vol. 5

The new year has just begun and we have six weeks left before the final release! The most noticeable change since my last post is obviously that we have decided on the wallpaper to be used in Plasma 6.0! But of course there’s more going on under the hood than just that.

Plasma 6 desktop with custom panel at the top, bottom right corner reads “KDE Plasma 6.1 Dev, visit bugs.kde.or to report issues“. New wallpaper with orange/purple colors, sun, birds, clouds in background, and a tree at the edge of a sloped hill
My desktop isn’t usually that tidy

I actually spent most of my time in Qt Wayland rather than KDE code lately but more on that in an upcoming blog post once all my changes have been integrated. Nevertheless, there are still plenty of Wayland-related and other improvements on the Plasma, Frameworks, and KDE Gear side to talk about here.

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