PSA: Plasma Browser Integration Currently Unavailable [Update: It’s Back]

on the Firefox Add-ons page.

Dead Konqi sitting on the Earth
Konqi is somewhat impaired today.

A fix is being worked on, but might take a bit, sorry about that.

Update [2021-10-25]: Due to issues with setting up the now-mandatory 2FA for logging into the Add-on page, we cannot address the issue at this time. Stay tuned…

Update [2021-10-27]: An updated version has been uploaded but it’s pending review…

Update [2021-10-29]: The update has been released, the extension is available again, in version 1.8.1 for Firefox.

14 thoughts on “PSA: Plasma Browser Integration Currently Unavailable [Update: It’s Back]”

  1. Could you please also fix this one: when “share button” checkbox is unchecked in the settings the button itself is still present when you invoke right click menu on blank space in Chrome.

      1. Yes, should, but it is not :(, at chrome95 at least. I can even remember that I wrote somewhere (probable here) about this bug. Maybe smth was changed in chrome itself under the hood? I’m on neon stable latest and when this option enabled it works as it should but when disabled button remains and nothing happen when it pressed.

        1. I am using Chrome 95 myself and have never noticed the “Share…” entry being present when it shouldn’t.

          1. Oh … can you go to chrome://extensions, enable debug mode, and click on “inspect background page” for p-b-i? Then toggle the setting and see if there’s any error messages.

            Perhaps also type and see if there’s anything suspicious (leftover entries, duplicate keys, etc), there should only be purpose: { enabled: false } for the “Share” plug-in.

  2. There’s an error appearing at the end saying:
    Error creating purpose context menu Cannot create item with duplicate id purpose_share
    (anonymous) @ extension-purpose.js:103
    (anonymous) @ extensions::contextMenusHandlers:27
    when you enable the share option

    1. IDK probably it doesn’t removed properly when you uncheck the option… but no errors about it, only when you enabling it

  3. recall! I reinstalled PBI one again and somehow it disappeared! Don’t know what was that but its just gone! hurray! :) maybe some cache files were cleared this time, idk. sorry for disturbing you

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