I’m going to Akademy 2016

In a couple of days Akademy will start and it’s co-hosted with QtCon in Berlin. This will be a super exciting event bringing together not just KDE folks but also enthusiast people from Qt, FSFE, and VideoLAN.

I’ll be giving a talk on what it’s like to use Qt to compete on the mobile app development market. See you all soon!

3 thoughts on “I’m going to Akademy 2016”

  1. Your talk was likely highly interesting as it is not that often to get a return on experience on mobile development using Qt. Unfortunately, I couldn’t attend QtCon, could it be possible to see the your talk slides somewhere ?

    1. Thanks!

      My presentation slides were done in QML, so I don’t have a PDF. I’m still eagerly waiting for the recording which still hasn’t been uploaded. :/

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