Taming the Beast

One of the lesser-known features in KDE Applications and Plasma is the Kiosk Framework, a means of restricting the customizability of the workspace in order to keep users in an enterprise or public environment from performing unwanted actions or modifications.

Unfortunately, it hasn’t seen much love lately. However, a couple of weeks ago, we received some feedback about the state of Kiosk in “40 classroom installations” of Plasma on our Enterprise mailing list which David Edmundson and I tackled immediately. Within a couple of days we could already remedy the majority of shortcomings revealed.

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We’re experienced in nuclear fusion!

In less than 24 hours more than 40 people, including me, from various KDE projects will gather in beautiful Geneva at CERN to shape the future of KDE.

With Plasma 5.6 Beta out the door, we can now concentrate on Plasma 5.7 and beyond.

My contributions to Plasma 5.6 include Jump Lists, a Supercharged Task Manager, better media controls, and many more. All of this would not have been possible without all the people who support KDE. If you like what you saw, please support us! :)

CERN Banner 2016


Plasma 5.5 Release Party in Heidelberg

This time we’ll celebrate early!

Date: Friday, 4 December 2015 (correct year this time around)
Time: 19:00
Place: Medocs Cafe am Bismarckplatz, Sofienstraße 7b, 69115 Heidelberg
Who: You! And fellow KDE developers and users
What we’re going to do: Have a few beers, a delicious dinner, talk, have fun, …

Please ping me, if you’re around and planning to come (contact info can be found in the Impressum, or tell kbroulik in #plasma on Freenode), so I can extend the reservation, if needed.

Polish, Polish, Polish, 5.5 Edition

With Plasma 5.4.2 out the door, it’s time to look ahead at what Plasma 5.5 will bring to a Desktop near you. Even though we’ve gone mobile, we won’t neglect traditional Desktops. In the upcoming release, I took care of the little things, as well as bringing back specialized tools that haven’t been a priority for the initial releases.

User Switching done right

I could never comprehend why KRunner was responsible for switching between users – KRunner is for running applications, searching your stuff, and doing Maths. We have a gorgeous lock screen with a neat user switcher, so why not use it? That’s what I did. Continue reading Polish, Polish, Polish, 5.5 Edition